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Just about anyone can bend tubing and call themselves a Header company.

But to design, test and manufacture headers and exhaust systems that many believe are the best in Australia, you've got to do more than just bend, weld and paint.

You have to be a company that is specialised in total exhaust engineering for maximum performance, durability, appearance and sound. A company that knows performance.

Di Filippo Performance Exhaust products are just such a company. We believe that exhaust products - including everything from headers to complete tuned exhaust systems need to be conceived, researched, designed and tested thoroughly and only when we're satisfied, is our product ready for production, and we carry the same commitment to excellence through all stages of the manufacturing process.

This means that whenever you purchase any Di Filippo product you can be assured that it will meet every demand, it will fit, seal and flow for optimum performance and it's quality of construction will be matched only by it's appearance.

We believe Di Filippo headers, mufflers, exhaust systems and accessories are the absolute best you can buy. We are confident that after experiencing the difference from installing Di Filippo performance products, your car or truck will heartily agree.




Di Filippo Performance Exhausts
specialise in

Custom made headers, and off the shelf exhaust systems to suit many makes and models.

Accessories - a few of which are stainless steel mufflers, universal mufflers, X Pipes, Y Pipes & Y Junction Pipes, Extractor flange plates and a lot more on offer.

D.I.Y kits -
these kits can be made to suit your application or requirements.


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