Introduction to Drag Racing

Welcome to the fastest show on earth! ANDRA (Australian National Drag Racing Association) Group 1 Championship Drag Racing is the countries most powerful form of motorsport, it's not just a place to test and prove the performance limits of drivers and their machines, it's also a serious business medium offering a unique branding arena for companies with vision.

ANDRA Championships have been recognized internationally since 1991 as the most successful Championship Drag Racing Series outside North America and has shown enormous growth in Australia over the last six years. This growth is set to continue as drag racing grows from strength to strength.

ANDRA Championship Drag Racing is also Australia's fastest moving motorsport. The sound and fury of championship drag racing is a non-stop exhilaration of the senses. A drag racing round is a celebration of acceleration eagerly followed in Australia by around one million loyal fans annually.

Drag Racing features multiple racing categories for cars and motorcycles including Top Doorslammer, Pro Stock, Pro Street, Super Gas and Super Street. Drag Racing is a spectacle of power, speed, sophistication and skill. “Top Fuel” is the big drawcard class (Group 1) in Drag Racing featuring cars with in excess of 8,000 horsepower capable of covering the standing quarter mile in around 4.4 seconds with terminal speeds of over 300 miles per hour. Two Top Fuellers running side by side under floodlights is a sight to be hold.

Australia is a sports mad nation and this dynamic sport is growing year by year. Your company can conduct focussed advertising and generate quantitative business results and growth.

To better understand what Drag Racing as an entity offers, we'd like to suggest you visit the ANDRA website ( ) where you can view all facets of this exciting sport.

Why Drag Racing?

What sort of person is it who finds his or her thrills and satisfaction and entertainment in brief moments of acceleration that are measured in seconds, not laps or hours or endurance? And how do these people on the hill and those on the race track fit in with the corporate world?

What Australian drag racing has failed to do up to now is capitalise on those effective marketing of it's key assets - it's drivers and their interestingly configured machines.

The sport recognises its need to become more involved with corporate entities, introducing them to the average spectator and racer, along with the idea that they not only get value for their dollars in their investment, but they can also get a return for their dollar. It's all basic business. Potential backers will want to be assured that they are being exposed to the appropriate statistically identified market - secured national TV coverage has remedied that previous problem.

More Complex Objectives In racing the overriding goal is to reach the finish line first. In business the objectives are more complex and more difficult to accomplish, but the goal is basically the same only this time the manufacturer is the driver, the product is the machine, the consumer is the finish line and the winner is....!

Intelligent targeting of drag racing's demographic is the key to success. Recent corporate involvement in drag racing with corporate entities such as Holden, Sidchrome and Mack Trucks highlight that it's fundamentally good business sense and great marketing exposure value per injected dollar. Their involvement in drag racing, from their discoveries through demographics, is that drag racing delivers them an audience that has a higher than average education and above average income. More importantly, they have found out that this audience gives them exceptional brand loyalty.

Many companies have a "face" or an "identity" by which consumers relate to. According to research the average drag racing fan is a highly targetable market. Some of the many stats gathered for marketing research on the following pages provide a profile of the typical drag racing fan.

"In the simplest terms, a drag race is an acceleration contest between two vehicles racing from a standing start over a straight, precisely measured quarter mile course. The main object foreach competitor is to reach the finish line ahead of his or her opponent."